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    XPS decorative line

    XPS decorative line

    XPS decorative line is the latest decorative product developed by our company and has obtained the national patent certificate. XPS lines have a smooth surface and good toughness. Light weight and moisture resistance. This product is a high polymer foaming product, and the foam inside the product is a honeycomb structure, which effectively prevents the deformation of the product caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction. This product can be installed independently and easily with line glue or benzene free nail free glue. The installation method is basically the same as that of gypsum line, but its weight is particularly light. During installation, the adhesive can be coated on the wall without falling off. One person can install it by himself, greatly improving the installation efficiency and reducing the installation cost. This product has a certain transparency, which can meet the needs of users who need to install light strips to create a warm atmosphere. This is an incomparable feature of other materials. This product is non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable, cheap, energy-saving and environmental protection. At present, it has been exported to many countries and regions in the world, such as Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

    Model Picture Size(mm) length(mm) Width(mm)  
    YG0167 40*50 2000 67
    YG01100 85*50 2000 100
    YG0270 50*50 2000 70
    YG0290 60*60 2000 90
    YG02110 75*75 2000 110
    YG0470 50*50 2000 70
    YG03100 70*65 2000 100
    YG0740 40*17 2000 40
    YG0842 42*12.5 2000 42
    YG0942    30*30 2000 42
    Characteristic XPS line Gypsum line
    Proportion It is light in weight, convenient in handling, and not easy to fall off after installation. Heavy, difficult to handle, easy to fall off after installation, which may cause personal injury
    Environment protection It is non-toxic, tasteless and free of any harmful gas emission. Environmental protection, energy saving and recyclable. A large amount of dust and construction waste are generated.
    Moisture-proof Closed cell foaming, moisture-proof and non absorbent. It is easy to absorb moisture, and the surface is easy to fall off, resulting in mildew.
    Deformation Internal honeycomb structure, no deformation It is easy to deform or crack due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.
    Fire prevention Add flame retardant to meet B1 fire protection standard Inorganic Class A fire protection
    Construction cost The construction is convenient and fast, with low damage rate and low labor intensity. It is inconvenient to carry, with high damage rate, slow construction speed and complicated procedures.

    1. Light weight, convenient transportation, simple installation, one person can operate
    2. Waterproof, moisture-proof and mothproof
    3. Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable
    4. The color is adjustable and the decorative effect is excellent
    5. Not easy to deform, long service life, durable and anti-aging
    6. Style and size can be customized
    7. Low price




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