• EPE sealing strip production line

    EPE sealing strip production line

    This production line can produce high elastic EVA foam materials, and the products can be used for high-end furniture, sofa, mattress, bags, doors and windows, etc; The material has high elasticity and excellent resilience. It is a commonly used foaming product for medium and high grade products. With the improvement of living standards, it is bound to gradually replace conventional sponge and PE products, so as to better improve the quality and level of people's life

    Model YG-PE75
    Material LDPE
    Foam Agent Freon/carbon dioxide/butane
    Capacity 300-800kg/24hour
    Product specifications 3-15mm
    Product length User defined
    Foaming ratio 5-20 times
    Cooling mode Water-cooling
    Installed power About 45KW
    Actual energy consumption About 10KW
    Voltage 380V 50HZ Three phase four wire
    Installation dimensions 20metre×5metre×4metre
    Overall dimensions 16metre×2.6metre×2metre




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