• CO2 filling machine

    CO2 filling machine

    CO2 filling machine

    Patent No.: 201220244605.1

    1. The injection system adopts Siemens PLC intelligent control to inject supercritical (CO2) fluid at constant flow and pressure. CO2 fluid can be injected according to actual requirements, and the pressure and flow can be automatically controlled. All the original parts are of well-known brands at home and abroad, ensuring the accuracy of the equipment. (Flow and pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

    2. Maximum system pressure 0-30Mpa Power voltage: 380V three-phase four wire+ground wire

    3. The design pressure and operating pressure of the system comply with the relevant design specifications of the equipment, and reliable safety valves for overpressure and overload protection system are equipped.

    4. The whole system is beautiful, practical, safe and easy to operate. The pressure is displayed by digital pressure gauge, and the flow is displayed by digital instrument, which is set in the control panel. Pipe fittings, valves, pipelines, gas storage mixing tanks, etc. are all made of electroplating or stainless steel.




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