• EVA Foaming particle production line



    Introduction to supercritical CO2 foaming particle (popcorn) equipment: The equipment has introduced advanced German technology and is in the leading level in the same industry in China. It has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, low waste rate and high automation. E-TPU foam particles and EVA particles produced by CO2 foam technology are widely used in the soles and insoles of various sports shoes. Compared with the foam particles produced by traditional technology, they are lighter, more elastic, and have excellent cushioning and shock absorption effects. The soles produced by this product are known as popcorn soles in the industry image. EPP foamed particles are widely used in takeout incubators, surfboards, helmet internal frameworks, car crash parts, interior materials of some outdoor seats, various high-quality toys, etc. due to their low cost, light weight, impact resistance, diverse density, good heat insulation, colorability, recyclability, etc. The CO2 foaming particle equipment can be used for many purposes, which can meet the different needs of different customers. If you are interested, please call.

    Model YG-EVA120
    Foam Agent CO2
    Granule E-TPU grain
    Ratio 1-8Times
    Capacity 100-180 kg/hr 
    Actual Power About 50 kw
    Power 175 kw
    Voltage 380V 50Hz




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