• Embossing line production line

    Embossing line production line

    Embossing line production line

    The new XPS foaming decorative line has introduced advanced German technology and has been improved. It can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of interior decorative lines. It has the characteristics of no deformation, no moisture absorption, no cracking, light weight, simple and convenient installation, etc. It is a new environment-friendly decorative material and an excellent substitute for traditional cement, gypsum, wood, PVC and other materials. At present, our company is the earliest mature manufacturer in China who has mastered the production technology of XPS foam decorative line equipment, and has obtained national technical patents.

    Model YG-XPSXT1000S YG-XPSXT2000D
    Raw material GPPSPolystyrene GPPSPolystyrene
    Foaming agent Butane or Freon Butane or Freon
    Yield 10-40KG/H 20-80KG/H
    Product thickness 4-10millimeter 4-12millimeter
    Product width 20-100millimeter 40-150millimeter
    Product density Per cubic meter 50-150KG Per cubic meter 50-150KG
    Cooling mode water-cooling water-cooling
    Installed power 69KW 115KW
    Actual energy consumption 20KW 30KW
    Voltage 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
    Installation dimensions 22*4.5*3.2metre 25*6.5*3.2metre
    Workshop 200-300square meter 200-300square meter




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