• PU foam sheet production line

    PU foam sheet production line

    TPU microcellular sheet is a new type of environmental protection material, which has the characteristics of breathability, abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good bending strength, high tensile strength, high breaking elongation, low temperature resistance, low long-term compression deformation rate, oil resistance, aliphatic solvent resistance, carbon hydrogen solvent resistance, oxygen and ozone resistance, aging resistance, etc. Sunshine Machinery adopts the new supercritical carbon dioxide foaming technology to truly achieve environmental protection quality. The TPU sheet (film) produced by Sunshine Machinery is mainly used for shoes, bags, handbags, clothing, medical, military, toys, etc.

    Model YG-LFX120
    Material PU polyurethane
    Foam Agent CO2
    Sheet Thickness 0.6-3mm
    Sheet Width 600-1000mm
    Density 300-500kg/m3
    Capacity 100-200kg/hr
    Actual Power About 50 kw
    Power 175 kw
    Voltage 380V 50Hz




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